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Duration: 1.0 hours
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Learn Securitization, ABS & MBS: Conceptual and procedural clarity with case studies and real life examples

What you’ll learn

  • Why securitization exists, and why investors prefer the deals
  • Background on what securitization is and also introduces us to the problem that securitization is trying to solve
  • Why issuers and investors might enter into a securitization arrangement, and finally, how it actually works in practice.
  • The basic components of the securitization structures
  • To understand the logic of Asset securitization
  • Identify key risks
  • Explain benefits of securitization for economies and financial markets
  • Mortgage Backed Securities
  • Asset Backed Securities
  • Collateralized Debt Obligations


The ABCs of Asset-Backed Securities and Securitization


Asset Securitization, the process of creating securities, has revolutionized the field of finance and becoming popular all over the world. A significant number of total debt papers issued today are securitized papers. This course introduces fixed-income instruments created through the process of securitization

There are many benefits to securitization as it provides an opportunity to the financial institution

  • To unlock its locked capital and enhance liquidity
  • An alternate way to go for off-balance-sheet financing
  • Generate fee-based income
  • And better management of regulatory capital.

At the same time Investor are also get alternate investment products with more stable credit ratings and better default recovery. Investors are attracted to these papers as a broad range of products available in terms of

  • Competitive pricing
  • Risk and returns profiles
  • And flexible maturity period as per investors’ needs

The growth of the global ABS market underscores the importance of a practical understanding of securitization among issuers, investors, and financial analysts…




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