[teamtreehouse] CRUD Operations with PHP

142-minute PHP Course

About this Course

In this course we’ll delve into the full spectrum of database interactions. Whether the application is an e-commerce, or social network site, or even a todo app on your phone, the data needs to change over time. CRUD is an acronym that refers to the four main operations that you’d want to perform on data in a database: Create, Read, Update, Delete.

What you’ll learn

  • PHP Data Objects (PDO)
  • Creating / Adding Record
  • Reading / Selecting Records
  • Updating / Editing Records
  • Deleting / Removing Records
  • Accepting User Data


  • Alena Holligan

    After starting out in fine art and moving into graphic design, Alena found her passion for programming over 15 years ago and has never looked back. Alena enjoys community and is excited to introduce people to the wonderful world of PHP and the Portland Tech Community.

    When not at her computer, Alena enjoys exploring Portland with her friends and family, including her 3 young children. She also enjoys the Symphony, Cooking, Books, Yarn and Yoga.


Size: 341.55M


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