[Linkedin] PyTorch Essential Training: Deep Learning

  Course by: Jonathan Fernandes Course Info Duration: 56m 3s Skill Level: Intermediate Released: October 3, 2019 Viewers: 621 Course details PyTorch is quickly becoming one of the most popular deep learning frameworks around, as well as a must-have skill in your artificial intelligence tool kit. It’s gained admiration from industry leaders due to its […]

[Lynda] Python Essential Training

Author Bill Weinman Released 1/18/2018 Due to its power and simplicity, Python has become the scripting language of choice for many large organizations, including Google, Yahoo, and IBM. A thorough understanding of Python 3, the latest version, will help you write more efficient and effective scripts. In this course, Bill Weinman demonstrates how to use […]

[Linkedin] Python: Data Analysis

Course by: Michele Vallisneri Course Info Duration: 2h 16m 20s Skill Level: Intermediate Released: November 12, 2015 Viewers: 100,458 Learn the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills from industry experts. Course details If you’re going to work with big data, you’ll probably be using R or Python. And if you’re using Python, you’ll be […]