[SchoolOfTikTok] TikTok Mastery By Trevor Bell

  Explode Your TikTok Learn How To Create High Performing Content! – Are You Tired Of Not Being Noticed On TikTok? – Tired of trying to “figure out” how to blow up TikTok ?   Discover Your TikToK Talent Becoming a star on social media or “TikTok famous,” as they say is ALL about finding […]

[Lynda] Learning Web Semantics

Author Jen Kramer Released 9/18/2013 Discover how to make websites more search engine friendly, more meaningful, and more future-proof with semantics. In this course, Jen Kramer shows you how simple HTML5 tags add meaning to page structure, and how microdata and metadata can be used to add identifying information—such as author and type of content—right […]