[Pluralsight] Ethical Hacking: Sniffing

ReleaseDate“: “2016-03-21”,
Level“: “Beginner”,

ShortDescription“: “You need to keep your network protected from attackers. This course will help you to understand how network sniffing works and how to keep your information secure.”,

Description“: “There’s so much an attacker can learn from simply \”listening\” or sniffing your network. Passwords? Check. Emails? check, and the list goes on and on. This course, Ethical Hacking: Sniffing (part of the Ethical Hacking series) will clarify the central ideas of sniffing and their utilization in hacking exercises. You’ll also learn how imperative it is for security professionals to be \”up\” on sniffers and their methods. Furthermore, you’ll be shown a plethora of instruments and procedures utilized as part of securing your network from these types of attacks. By the end of this course, you’ll understand much more about sniffing and how to keep your data protected.”,

DurationInMilliseconds“: 7893000,
HasTranscript“: 1,
AuthorsFullnames“: “Dale Meredith “,

Size: 246.86M



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