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Professional Compositing, Made Simple.

Learning how to combine or composite multiple photos together will open a new world of possibilities for any photographer. Whether you are new to compositing or an experienced editor, this tutorial will change the way you create composite images. Follow along with the included RAW Photos; and Custom Photoshop Brushes.

What’s Included »
Video Tutorials
22 Video Tutorials Covering
– Retouching
– Compositing
– Workflow
– Lightroom
– Photoshop
– Photography
Sample Images
19 RAW Images (16-bit)
3 Stock Photos for Background
1 Logo File
Custom Photoshop Brushes
PHLEARN Smoke & Fog Brush
PHLEARN Snow Brush
Create Anything You Can Imagine
We’ll show you how.

  • Lighting
  • Coloring
  • Compositing
  • Organization
  • Pen Tool
  • Retouching
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Photoshop Compositing Essential techniques thumbnail

Master Compositing

Two Compositing Methods — From Shoot to Edit.

Frame Compositing

If you are new to compositing, this is the perfect place to begin. Learn to combine multiple photos from the same shoot to create stunning effects.

Element Compositing

Flex those creative muscles, it’s time to learn element compositing. Combine photos taken around the globe to bring your concepts to life.

The Essential Techniques

Photoshop Compositing can be complex, that is why we start this tutorial by breaking down all the essential techniques you need to create a great composite photo. Learn the essentials, then master compositing.

Photography, Lightroom & Photoshop

Go behind the scenes into each photo shoot and learn the details of how these images are captured, then follow the images through the editing process from Lightroom into Photoshop.

Match Color & Light

Learn how to analyze color and light to create any composite photo.

Create a Cinemagraph

Give your image the magic of movement by turning it into a Cinemagraph. Learn how to animate a still photo and save it as a Cinemagraph so it displays perfectly on the web.

Learn Perfect Masking

In order to place your subject into a new background, first you have mask or cut them out of their original photo. Depending on your subject, this can be simple or complex. Learn the tools you need to create a perfect mask every time.

Combine Any Photos

A photographer has many tools at their disposal, and the more you learn how to use, the more options you have. Creativity can flow freely when you are unrestricted by gear or technique. Learn how to combine multiple types of light sources to create stunning lighting effects.

The PHLEARN Compositing Workflow

When creating a complex composite photo, how do you know what should be done first and how do you stay organized? Learn the workflow we have developed over years of compositing.

Photoshop Composting Essential Techniques
This Course Covers

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