Jordan Mackey – [NEW] Youtube Affiliate Marketing Income Exploder [2020 Edition]


[NEW] Youtube Affiliate Marketing Income Exploder – Make Money On Youtube WITHOUT Monetization [2020 Edition]

Generate Six Figures On Youtube WITHOUT Adsense Monetization or Ads


1.) “Are there any courses I need to take before this one?” Nope, this is a brand new course and there are no courses you need to take before taking this one. This course is for everyone, new students and past students!

2.) “Are Clickbank, JVZoo, and other affiliate marketplaces free to join?” YES, they are all free! It does not cost you any money to do this method!

In 2019 I decided to focus more of my time on Affiliate Marketing, and it has paid off tremendously for me. In 2019 alone I was able to make over $60,000 in affiliate marketing commissions, and the crazy part is I barely put any effort into this part of my business.

For those of you who don’t know, I have three YouTube channels where I copy and re-post videos and earn money with Google Adsense ads. In the past three years I have made over $500,000 with that method. So, in 2019 I decided to leverage those channels to make affiliate marketing commissions as well.

It is as simple as targeting a specific audience in a specific niche, getting traffic through legally copying and re-posting or creating viral YouTube videos, and then strategically matching a product or service with that audience. If you can do that, you can easily explode your commissions!

There are four main problems my students face that this course solves:

1.) Getting monetized on YouTube
2.) Staying monetized on YouTube
3.) Posting “ad-friendly” Content
4.) Adding additional revenue streams to YouTube channels and other online businesses to double your income

You see, I have many students in my “Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos” courses who are getting hundreds of thousands and even millions of views on YouTube with ease, but the problem for them is getting monetized and staying monetized. This means they need another way to monetize their channels and millions of viewers that don’t involve Adsense.

This course will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about making money with your YouTube channels and other online businesses WITHOUT monetization or Google Adsense. You will learn how to do this by using affiliate marketing first and foremost, and you will also learn many other income streams such as sponsorships, building your own stores for your own products such as print on demand, affiliate marketing on Facebook with both free and paid ads, Instagram affiliate marketing, Google website and blog affiliate marketing, and much more.

That is what makes this affiliate marketing method one of the best ways to make money online in 2020. You see, with this method you DO NOT have to worry about getting your YouTube channel monetized, meaning you can start making money right now TODAY with this method and nobody can slow down or stop your earnings!

And because this method does not require getting monetized, it means you can do this method absolutely FOR FREE! It is one of the only businesses you can start online without needing to spend any money whatsoever.

The best part is that since we are not worried about monetizing our channel with Adsense, it does not matter what we post! No more worrying about being demonetized or those annoying YouTube copyright ID and duplication match bots! It is now wide open for you to post whatever you want without any regard for the rules of monetization.

This course has over 6 hours of content, and in this course you will watch over my shoulder and learn step by step EVERYTHING you need to know about affiliate marketing. You will learn about affiliate marketing networks, the best affiliate marketing networks to join and EVERYTHING about them: Including JVZoo, Clickbank, Amazon Associates, Share-A-Sale, AWin, Commission Junction, Avengate, Rakuten and much more, as well as how to join affiliate marketing networks and easily be accepted by them, how to choose high paying and monthly recurring affiliate offers, how to choose offers that sell well, how to get your affiliate links, and most importantly how to get paid by your affiliate networks.

Then you will learn everything you need to know about how to sell those affiliate offers. To do this, one of the best methods is downloading and re-posting videos WITHOUT creating your own videos, and you will learn how you can create your own videos as well. You will learn how to get your videos to go viral to attract audiences in specific niches for products you want to promote as an affiliate. You will learn everything you need to know about how to choose a niche, how to choose and use creative commons and non-creative commons videos, and how to edit videos. You will also learn multiple strategies including downloading and re-posting viral videos in viral niches, creating product review videos, and creating your own products to sell. You will also learn SEO secrets in tags, titles, thumbnails, and other NEW strategies for ranking your YouTube videos and making them go VIRAL.


Course Curriculum

• Module 1: Introduction
• Module 2: Joining And Navigating Your Affiliate Marketing Networks
• Module 3: Strategies For Making Money With This Method
• Module 4: Downloading Videos, Uploading Videos and Scheduling Videos
• Module 5: How To Choose Videos, Niches, And How To Make Videos Go Viral With SEO Secrets
• Module 6: How To Use Affiliate Marketing With Your YouTube Channel And Viral Videos
• Module 7: Other High Ticket Affiliate Offers You Can Start Selling TODAY
• Module 8: Affiliate Marketing Strategies Not Using YouTube
• Module 9: Important Things To Know About Affiliate Marketing
• Module 10: Helpful Resources And Softwares For Affiliate Marketing
• Module 11: Conclusion


Your Instructor

My name is Jordan, also known as Bye 9 to 5. I was a business analyst at a very successfully company and have a Masters Degree in Business Psychology, but I hated my job! So I decided to do something about it. Since that time I have been blessed to be able to say bye to my 9 to 5 with over $500,000 on Youtube through Google Adsense, and over $60,000 with Affiliate Marketing. I have now had over 5,000 students enroll in my courses and I have personally helped hundreds of students make thousands of dollars doing the same things, and it is my goal to help as many people as possible quit their job and live life on their own terms like I have been blessed to be able to do!


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