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One of the best features of the cloud is serverless functionality.  Whether it is serverless databases, serverless code execution, or serverless event handling, there is almost no need that the cloud doesn’t have a serverless option.  And that’s especially true for AWS!In Serverless for AWS, we dive into the core serverless services available from AWS.  You’ll start with Lambda, including best practices and how to implement functions with infrastructure as code (IaC).  Then you dive into learning about Event Bridge, including how to use it to schedule calls to Lambda.  From there, you study the Simple Notification Service and Simple Queue service.  After that, you finish the tour of the major serverless services with the API Gateway.But this is more than just a theory and lecture series; you’ll also build using serverless services.  The labs in this course work towards completing a website monitoring solution.  By the end of the course, you will have a complete system for monitoring the availability of websites that require monitoring.So if you get a solid understanding of the core serverless services in AWS, this is the course for you.  Dive in today, and let’s start building!



Brooks Seahorn – AWS Associate System Architect, Associate Developer and Associate Systems Operations

You can search far and wide and still won’t find a Cloud instructor with more humor, excitement, or passion for training the Cloud experts of the future than Brooks.

The tech bug first bit Brooks in college. From there, (and after working as a chemist for one whole day), he pursued his passion for all things tech. He has more than 25 years of experience as an engineer, developer, and systems architect. The bulk of his career was as an Air Force contractor working on global communication, identity replication, logistic, platform hosting, and cloud migration. Brooks’ training experience spans his entire career.

Over the past few years, he has personally trained hundreds of students on AWS across 70+ companies nationwide. He has held numerous Microsoft certifications and was one of the first candidates to successfully pass the GIAC Secure .NET coding exam. Brooks currently holds all three Associate level certifications with AWS (Architect, Developer, and SysOps).


General Info:

Author(s): Brooks Seahorn
Language: English
Released: 2023
Videos Duration: 6h 37m
Course Source: https://my.ine.com/Cloud/courses/426e2f1f/aws-serverless-solutions


Size: 1.08GB



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