[Frontend Masters] React And TypeScript



Learn to use TypeScript with React through building a series of React components. You’ll explore the types that come with React that allow you to infer the properties of your components, look at tips and advice for migrating your application from JavaScript to TypeScript, and learn advanced patterns for building flexible and type-safe components. Ship your React apps with more confidence and fewer bugs using TypeScript!


Some Key Takeaways!

By coding along with us in the Workshop, you’ll:

• Set up a fresh React application with TypeScript.
• Get hands on upgrading an existing React application to TypeScript over time.
• Implement existing and custom React hooks with TypeScript.
• Add type-checking to both functional and class-based components.


Your (Awesome) Instructor

Steve is the front-end architect at Twilio. He is the director emeritus and founder of the front-end engineering program at the Turing School for Software and Design in Denver, Colorado — a non-profit developer training program. In a previous life, Steve was a New York City public school teacher. He taught special education and web development in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. He currently lives in Denver with his rambunctious six-year-old.



React is an industry-standard library for building performant user interfaces in JavaScript. But, as your application grows, so do the edge cases and it becomes harder to track down all of the type errors that tend to spring up. Next thing you know, you’re spending more time responding to customer found defects than implementing new features. TypeScript is a superset of functionality on top of React that allows you to find the errors at compile-time before your customers do and build more robust and reliable applications at scale.



This course is perfect for anyone who is comfortable with React. Passing familiarity with TypeScript is helpful, but not required.


Any Prerequisites?

• React


Size: 1.24GB


Course: https://frontendmasters.com/courses/react-typescript/



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