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This is a FINAL and OFFICIAL Notice about Downloading a Torrent from here, why, what, where, everything listed below, Kindly read and Cooperate from next torrent you may download from here.

We discontinued! That's all!

No, DMCA issues! Uploading on a cloud storage or any file hosting services will create DMCA issues and soon they'll get deleted on legal terms right after every single upload, Team-FTU is not big, they cannot re-upload each and every-time a file gets deleted. Torrent is good, be a good lad! Do not leech, It's a matter of education, SEED WELL!!!

Team-FTU cannot help you with that! All torrents are well seeded at 101 ratio, sometimes more...

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Yes, we do... Each and every email! Better keep your requests away! Suggestion and jokes are always welcome!
Lazy! But we do read em...

Course requests on email are always overlooked by Team-FTU!

Request here if you want to >>> https://www.freecoursesonline.me/request-course/


We look at the bulk requests and Rip courses accordingly, the higher number of times a single course is being requested by too many FTU'ers, that course will get posted first, so request for once and leave, let others also request the same course. If you keep requesting the same course over and over again or after a period of time on any request page or on our email, then seriously, we won't be able to consider that single course, because it's a stubborn behavior, we cannot be unjust with other FTU'ers. We hope you understand.
We all friends are colleagues and we too have our own day to day daily life to live and struggle, there is no specific time or day of course posting.... Sometimes we bulk Rip and leave it to the B0t and sometimes we just live our personal lives. We're human, we cannot SiteRip Udemy and just take a world tour! Let Udemy platform and their valuable instructors take the ride for you, let em earn some good amount of money out of their course. 🙂
It's just a vision to provide "Free Education For All"!

The only way to help us is by providing course content that you have, please feel free to email us using the Contact Form with the course downloadable link and your name to mention you in the post credit.

Currently we're looking for mlminds.com and udacity.com several courses, if you have any premium course there which is not available at any Team-FTU's websites, also if you're having difficulty to Rip courses to provide us, then don't worry! We will do the work, just provide us the login credentials and we will Rip the content outta website safely and get it posted on FTU, FCO & Forum

Contact Form >>> https://www.freecoursesonline.me/contact-us/

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