[Code With Mosh] Mastering React

Learn to build and deploy fast and interative React apps with confidence.

Learn to build React apps like a pro

Let’s face it – all the cool kids are using React…

What else do you expect from a JavaScript library that was developed by Facebook?

But seriously, if you don’t know how to build apps with React – then you’re falling behind the curve. It has quickly become the most popular JavaScript library since its release in 2011.

Both new and seasoned developers are using it to build app front-ends that are fast, dynamic and stand out. If you want to see what React apps are like, just think of the big popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Yahoo, the list goes on…

If you’re tired of slow, repetitive and boring courses, I’ve got the perfect course for you.

Highly technical with a perfect mix of theory and practice. It covers absolutely every detail you could possibly need to take you from beginner React developer to an expert.

I share tips from several years’ experience using React, including the do’s and don’ts, best practices, common mistakes and practical shortcuts that every professional React developer needs to know.


By the end of this course…

You’ll be able to:

  • Build and deploy fast and interactive React apps with confidence
  • Get ready to learn React Native (for building mobile apps)
  • Use cutting-edge E8 JavaScript
  • Distinguish between “good” and “bad” code

What You’l Learn…

Unlike other courses teaching you how to build to-do apps, I’m going to show you how to build a real video rental app. You’ll master all the essential skills you need to build professional quality apps.

  • Modern JavaScript features
  • Build reusable components
  • Build tables and lists with pagination, sorting and searching
  • Build forms with validation
  • Implement routing with React Router
  • Call HTTP services with Axios
  • Implement authentication and authorization
  • Handle and log errors effectively
  • All about Function Components and Hooks
  • Share data using React Context
  • Deploy your React apps to Heroku
  • Write clean, maintainable code like a pro
  • Shortcuts to write more code in less time
  • And much, much more!

Bite-sized, memorable and easy-to-digest videos with zero fluff

Who is this course for?

React is the most popular front-end library in the world. That’s why employers and clients are looking for developers who know React well. Very well! So, having React on your resume helps you find more jobs and make more money. This course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn front-end development with React
  • Front-end developers familiar with other libraries and frameworks such as Angular or Vue who want to add React to their toolbox
  • Back-end developers who want to transition to full-stack development

No prior knowledge needed

All you need is some basic, beginner-level familiarity with JavaScript.

You don’t need to know anything about React – everything is covered in the course.

Your Instructor

Mosh Hamedani

Hi! My name is Mosh Hamedani. I’m a software engineer with almost two decades of experience. I’ve taught over nine million people how to code and how to become professional software engineers through my online courses and YouTube channel.

I believe coding should be fun and accessible to everyone.


Size: 2.73GB


[UPDATED] Course: https://codewithmosh.com/p/mastering-react



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